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Chloe is an F1 Goldendoodle. She weighs between 54-58 lbs and is the mom of our mini litters. Chloe had her hips x-rayed and certified as "good' through OFA. She is energetic at times but is very well balanced.  She loves nothing more than being outside and chasing the ball in our front yard over and over again but also loves just hanging out with us and being by our side wherever we are. She is well behaved, loyal, and loves people. She is great with our 2 year old granddaughter. 



Piper is also an F1 standard sized Goldendoodle and is the youngest of our dogs. She is the mom of our standard litters. She is 3 years old (summer of 2019) and comes from parents who both had their hips certified through OFA.  One as "good" and the other as "excellent". She is about 68 lbs and has a thick wavy double coat. Piper is pretty laid back and relational.  Her favorite thing to do first thing in the morning as we are letting our three dogs out the back door to the backyard is to stop at the door, look up at us until we stop and look her in the eyes and say hello to her and pet her.  Once she gets what she wants, she will happily run out the door and join the others. She loves to be outside and has fortunately outgrown her desire to play in the mud when it rains.


Willow is our 7 year old pure bred Golden Retriever.

Willow is an AKC registered Golden Retriever and the one who started our breeding program. She is loyal (especially to my husband) and loves to be inside with us by our side at all times.  She had 3 litters of F1 Goldendoodle puppies and is now retired. She was an incredible mom to her puppies...very attentive and content being with them and caring for them. 



Lola is also an f1 goldendoodle and as sweet, beautiful and smart as she can be! She is the future mom of our minis and  will be ready to have a litter in 2021. Her dad, Ringo, is also the dad of our standards (see “Dads” section below). Lola is full of life and been very easy to train so far.  She is wonderful with children and loves being with ‘her people’. 




Ringo belongs to a fellow breeder and is a beautiful standard white and red parti Poodle. He weighs 45-50 lbs and is triple registered including AKC.  He's had his hips, elbows and heart OFA certified along with Paw Prints Genetic testing done and been cleared. He has sired our last two standard litters.



Tyson also belongs to a fellow breeder and is an adorable 10 lb red miniature poodle.  He is sweet and energetic.  He has been tested through OFA for hips and tested "good". He has also had the full Poodle panel done through Paw Print Genetics and tested clear on everything: DM, GM2, PRA, VWD. He has sired our last two mini litters.


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